About Us

Ever fancied being a knight in shining armour? An archer with his longbow? A noble lady, wealthy merchant, a pious monk, a skilled craftsman or humble peasant? If so we may be able to provide that opportunity!

The Sokemen are based around Peterborough, and was formed in 2010. The group has a small but dedicated membership (currently 21 members), which includes people of all ages and backgrounds, including a couple of historians and museum professionals. Many of our members are long-term re-enactors and have a wealth of experience in bringing the past to life for the public. Above all, we are all great friends who have become like an extended family!

New members are always welcome, be they experienced re-enactors or people new to living history. We have a variety of age groups within our membership – we can find roles for anyone! An interest in history, a willingness to dress up and take on a role and to talk to the public is all that is required. We can provide basic equipment to new members until such time as they can acquire their own.

If you’re an event organiser, we may be able to help provide you with a quality event to entertain and inform your visitors. We’ve provided medieval archers for a London Guild for the Lord Mayor’s Show, brought real medieval buildings to life with Living History displays, done entertaining have-a-go sessions for the US Air Force and taken part in large scale battle re-enactments.¬†We aim to recreate life in the late Medieval period accurately, whilst providing entertainment for the public and a quality event for our clients.

In case you’re wondering, during the Middle Ages Peterborough was a ‘Soke’ (a name derived from an Anglo-Saxon administrative area or place of jurisdiction), under the control of Peterborough Abbey. It was known as the ‘Soke of Peterborough’, and those who were the abbey’s tenants, but had their freedom from serfdom, were known as ‘Sokemen’. That’s where the group’s name comes from.

Want to know more? Please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to chat to you about membership, events or any other queries you may have.

Many of the Sokemen posing for a group photo before the Lord Mayor of London’s Show, 2015